Dayton Peace Museum Plans Peace Corps Exhibit, Events

The Dayton Peace Museums has announced a major Peace Corps exhibit in 2015. Along with stunning displays, the museum and our sister chapter, SORVO, will offer a series of events to commemorate the work of the Peace Corps. The first will be "Peace Meal" on Saturday January 31 at 12:30 at Sinclair Community College. The keynote speaker will be Ambassador Tony Hall, with special entertainment by the Rwandan Chorus. Tickets are $20, students $10. Make checks payable and mail to Dayton Peace Museum, W. Monument St., Dayton, OH 45402 or visit the Dayton Peace Museum website to order by credit card. Email Susan Robinson at if you would like to carpool to this event.

Another special event will be February 28th from 10 to 4 at the Museum, where ALL RPCVs are encouraged to share their stories. Get creative! (See article below.)

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Peace Corps Comes Alive at Dayton Peace Museum - Thanks to You!

Another important date at the Dayton Peace Museum is February 28th from 10am - 4 pm, where Katie Sylvester (Zambia '06 - '08 PC and recruiter for our region) will lead a fun day of activities to promote awareness and recruitment.

We need YOU to bring this to life. Plan to be there for all or part of the day to share your Peace Corps experience. Here are some ideas - put your Peace Corps hat on and be creative:

- Showing videos, slide shows of service
- RPCVs to discuss how PC shaped their careers
- RPCVs read letters they wrote to family and friends back home during service
- Story slams
- PC focused Trivia game designed by RPCVs for the audience
- A day in the life of RPCVs can illustrate/act out a typical day in their lives as PCVs
- Married couples who served together can talk about the experience of serving as a couple
- A quick foreign language lesson facilitated by RPCVs
- Traditional dances

Questions? Ready to help? Contact Katie at

Upcoming Peace Corps Recruiting Events - You Can Help!

Katie Sylvester, Peace Corps recruiter for our region, invites CARV members to participate in the recruiting events she has planned for the upcoming months.
Click on the button at the bottom of this page for details. Contact Katie at if you are able to attend.

1/13/2015 Main Library 6 pm
1/28/2015 NKU Spring Study Abroad Fair, 10-2
1/28/2015 NKU GIM, 4:30 pm
2/3/2015 Main Library 6 pm (Diversity Focused)
2/5/2015 Sinclair College Opening for the Dayton International Peace Museum, 11a-12p, Library
2/24/2015 UC 5 pm
2/25/2015 Miami U 6:30 pm
2/28/2015 Dayton International Peace Museum- throughout the day
3/3/2015 Main Library 6pm
3/19/2015 XU 5pm
3/21/2015 Peace Museum Taste of Peace Corps
4/7/2015 Main Library 6 pm (RPCV Careers focused)
5/13/2015 Main Library 6 pm
Highlights from Melissa

Highlights from Melissa's Peace Corps Paraguay Presentation

In case you missed it, or would like to see it again, check out some of the highlights of the presentation Melissa Salamon gave at the November CARV meeting. It's in the fourth gallery down on the right.
Peace_Meal.pdf [511 kb] January 13, 2015
Spring_Semester_2015_Recruitment_Eve.pdf [32 kb] January 09, 2015
Dayton_Peace_Museum_Peace_Corps_Expe.pdf [1.1 Mb] January 13, 2015
Peace_Meal_p_2.pdf [515.9 kb] January 13, 2015
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