Cincinnati Enquirer Features Sherbro Foundation

Cincinnati Enquirer Features Sherbro Foundation

CARV member Arlene Golembiewski (Sierra Leone '74 - '76) was featured in the "Good News" section of The Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday, May 3 for her work in Sierra Leone with Sherbro Foundation, which she founded. CARV is a proud supporter of Sherbro and its work for education, sustainability and anti-ebola actions.

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Highlights from Melissa

Highlights from Melissa's Peace Corps Paraguay Presentation

In case you missed it, or would like to see it again, check out some of the highlights of the presentation Melissa Salamon gave at the November CARV meeting. It's in the fourth gallery down on the right.

Peace_Meal.pdf [511 kb] January 13, 2015
Spring_Semester_2015_Recruitment_Eve.pdf [32 kb] January 09, 2015
Dayton_Peace_Museum_Peace_Corps_Expe.pdf [1.1 Mb] January 13, 2015
2014_financial_report.doc [26.5 kb] March 05, 2015
Peace_Meal_p_2.pdf [515.9 kb] January 13, 2015
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