Celebrate Peace Corps Week at UC

Peace Corps Week Feb. 28 - Mar. 5
Prof. Johanna Looye is UC's Peace Corps Fellows Program Coordinator. She is reaching out to CARV members who would like to team up with her Program students to celebrate Peace Corps Week. She writes:

Right now we are thinking of honoring Peace Corps Week through a service activity with one of our program’s community partners, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. We are planning to do one of the following activities:
Helping service breakfast at Jimmy Heath House on 2/28
Helping with game night at Jimmy Heath House another evening during Peace Corps Week.

We have three people in our program and therefore would be looking for three more volunteers to assist us with one of these events. Please let me know if this is of interest to any of your members. As a note, Jimmy Heath House is a supportive housing development with apartments for 25 chronically homeless individuals, offices for case managers and public meting spaces for the residents.

Note: Please contact Prof. Looye directly if you are able to participate. Here is her contact information:

Johanna W. Looye, Ph.D.
School of Planning/College of DAAP
University of Cincinnati
E-mail: Johanna.Looye@uc.edu
Phone: 513-556-0216

CARV to Assist with Refugee Resettlement

CARV is partnering with Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio (CCSWO) to assist dozens of refugee families who are settling in the Cincinnati area this year. Below are some of the opportunities that we are exploring. More information will be available at the March 13 CARV meeting and details will follow as events are scheduled.

- Individual CARV members can complete the volunteer process at CCSWO, which will allow them to provide in-person services to families. Go to https://ccswoh.org/how-to-get-involved/volunteer/.
- Participate in workdays at the new CCSWO warehouse where furniture and supplies for the refugees are being staged.
- Collect items for Welcome Baskets, including household items, cleaning supplies, and school materials.
- Set up apartments in preparation for a family's arrival.
- Prepare a culturally appropriate meal for the family's first night in their new home.

NPCA New Membership Model

CARV is a fully accredited affiliate group of NPCA. Many of our members are also members of NPCA and have designated CARV as their local affiliate group when paying their dues. Previously, of the $50 NPCA membership fee, CARV was reimbursed $15. However, NPCA now has a new membership model.

As of January 1, 2016, membership in the NPCA is complimentary for everyone in the Peace Corps community – serving Peace Corps Volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, current Peace Corps staff, former Peace Corps staff, host country nationals and anyone who shares Peace Corps ideals, so long as NPCA has accurate service and contact information for you. Go to http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/membership/ to update your information or to join NPCA.

These changes do not affect your membership with an NPCA affiliate group such as CARV. All NPCA members will receive access to basic NPCA programs and services, including digital newsletters, transition assistance programs, member discounts, and our jobs board. Go to http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/community/npcas-new-membership-model-and-faqs/ to read more about the new membership model and find answers to questions.

NPCA is a mission driven organization. There are opportunities to increase your involvement in NPCA's program goals beyond the basic, free membership. For your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more, the NPCA will recognize you as a Mission Partner and extend special privileges based on your giving level. Go to http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/community/peace-corps-community-fund/ to learn more.

How is CARV affected by NPCA’s new membership model? CARV still needs the support of its members in order for us to engage in service projects, support local PC Volunteers through the Peace Corps Partnership Program, promote social activities, and to fund the general operation of the organization.

In recent years CARV has moved from a structured dues/membership model to an open “contribute what you can” approach, with a suggested annual giving level of $15. Our fiscal year continues be July 1-June 30, and we encourage members to contribute something each year if they are in a position to do so. At future CARV bimonthly social meetings, a donation basket will be available for members to contribute. Checks can be made payable to CARV and given to any CARV officer at a meeting or mailed to CARV treasurer, Barry Adamson, 744 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215.

CARV members who choose to become Mission Partners through NPCA may add an additional amount to their NPCA contribution and designate that the amount of their gift above their chosen Mission Partner level be sent back to CARV.
From Ecuador to US: Clay Martin shares his story

From Ecuador to US: Clay Martin shares his story

At the November Social and Potluck, CARV members were able to meet Clay Martin's counterpart from his Peace Corps service, who shared many aspects of his culture with us. Here is an article about Alejandro's visit to the U.S.


Letter from Katie Sylvester, CARV Member and PC Recruiter


I hope this finds all members well in 2016!

It is with a heavy heart to let you know my last day with Peace Corps will be on January 15th. As you know, we can only work for the agency for 5 years, and I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to recruit for 5 ˝! It’s been an incredible experience, especially when I get to partner with passionate RPCVs like each and every one of you. Every interaction, gathering, and event was a pleasure (and a lot of fun ☺) to partner with you to promote Peace Corps in SW Ohio.

In reflection of my past 5 ˝ years, I can’t help but think of all of the friendships built through our common experiences as PCVs, as well as our commitment to keep the organization alive in our own communities. Without your help and enthusiasm, Ohio would not have been able to grow to the 9th producing state for PCVs. Attending recruitment sessions to share your stories and encouraging others to consider this life changing opportunity helped make Peace Corps the thriving organization that it is today.

While this is one chapter that has closed, another one opens! I’m staying in Cincinnati, and am thrilled that I can participate in more RPCV activities. Chicago is planning on replacing me, although that won’t be for some time. However, I’m thrilled that we all will be able to continue to represent and support Peace Corps through our continued meetings and solidarity as a group. Once the new recruiter begins, I know we’ll all - including myself - be ready to assist whoever it is in continuing our great success in SW Ohio. In the meantime, please feel free to relay all recruitment questions to my amazing colleague, Angela Hamilton (who is cc’d) at ahamilton@peacecorps.gov. Angela is the recruiter for Kentucky/ SE Indiana and resides in Louisville.

Thank you again for all that you have done, and I’ll see you at a CARV and/or SORVO meeting! (Although, I will not be at the CARV meeting this Sunday - I have to travel to Chicago one final time). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at Katherine.sylvester.81@gmail.com

Thank you everyone- it’s been an incredible journey!

All the best,

Katie Sylvester, MCP
Regional Recruiter – Cincinnati & Dayton
U.S. Peace Corps
RPCV Zambia, 2004-2006
Peace Corps Fellow
University of Cincinnati School of Planning 2008-2010
Sherbro__2015_pg_2.pdf [757.8 kb] September 27, 2015
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Sherbro_2015_pg_1.pdf [748.9 kb] September 27, 2015
2014_financial_report.doc [26.5 kb] March 05, 2015
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