2016 Peace Corps Calendars Available

2016 Peace Corps Calendars Available

CARV is again selling the RPCV calendars produced by the Madison, WI RPCV group. The cost is $10. Calendars will be available at the October and November CARV meetings, and at Oktoberfest - while they last. Please have exact change, or a check payable to CARV.

To view the calendar, go to https://www.rpcvcalendar.org/shop/.

Sherbro Foundation Newsletter

CARV is an enthusiastic supporter of Sherbro Foundation, which is dedicated to the education and empowerment of the people of Sierra Leone. Founded by CARV member, Arlene Golembiewski (Sierra Leone '74-'76), Sherbro successfully supported the Bumpeh Chiefdom through the Ebola outbreak and is now actively involved in new and continuing projects. One of these is the Women's Vegetable Growing Project, which helped women farmers to plant and harvest fast-growing cash crops in the aftermath of the economic collapse caused by the Ebola crisis.

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to see the most recent newsletter.

You told your Peace Corps story, now tell us!

A note from the Peace Corps:

Each year, the Peace Corps captures information on RPCV impact and how RPCV-led events serve as a bridge to global understanding. In the last year, have you:

Shared your Peace Corps story with a classroom, organization or other group?
Participated in a Peace Corps recruitment event?
Written an article or op-ed about your Peace Corps experience?
Participated in an open mic event with a story, poem or song?
Done any other activity or event that shares your story with the public?

If your answer is yes, let us know! Register your past events. Why?
Show your host country pride! Teach about its customs, local dress, food, music, etc. Let us know and you'll get a pin on our map with your country's flag.

Highlights from Melissa

Highlights from Melissa's Peace Corps Paraguay Presentation

In case you missed it, or would like to see it again, check out some of the highlights of the presentation Melissa Salamon gave at the November CARV meeting. It's in the fourth gallery down on the right.

Sherbro__2015_pg_2.pdf [757.8 kb] September 27, 2015
Shaman.doc [317 kb] September 03, 2015
Sherbro_2015_pg_1.pdf [748.9 kb] September 27, 2015
2014_financial_report.doc [26.5 kb] March 05, 2015
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