NPCA Stages National Day of Action

A message from Brian McMahon (Guatemala 2011-13)

"Hey, how's it going, it's Brian, hope you guys survived the cold and snow in Cincinnati all right. Just wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you all from my experiences up here in D.C. so far.

As you may have heard last Thursday the 5th was the National Peace Corps Association National Day of Action on Capitol Hill. 70 some RPCV's, ranging from the 1960's to as recently returned as two weeks, gathered on the Hill to meet with lawmakers and advocate for support for the Peace Corps budget and to get members to join the Peace Corps caucus. It was a really neat event and very inspiring to see returned volunteers who served decades ago and flew in from across the country to meet with their representatives.

You can read more about the event here:

and here:

Was pretty neat, the morning started off with a talk by Rep. Sam Farr who is an RPCV himself a big champion of Peace Corps. Being from Ohio I went with a few other Ohioans to meet with staff from Senator Portman and Senator Brown's office as well as Rep. Steve Chabot's office.

Fortunately both of our Senators are pretty supportive, we even got to meet Sen. Brown and get a picture taken. He actually sends out letters to every volunteer from Ohio when they swear in (I still have mine). Sen. Portman has also done a lot to support Peace Corps in the past and was a major champion of the Peace Corps commemorative act.

Rep. Chabot's people were very nice, although stated that he never signs letters to commit to increased spending for anything as a campaign promise years ago and that's a somewhat common thing actually. The interesting thing about Chabot though is that he is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee which has some direct and indirect influence over Peace Corps appropriations."

Mike has some terrific suggestions for how CARV can continue these efforts. Stay tuned!

UC Celebrates 10 Years of Peace Corps Programs

Greetings CARV,
You are invited to the following event:


Friday, April 17, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT)

DAAP Galleries
2624 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Event registration is by invitation only. Register with your email address to attend this event.

Join us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the University of Cincinnati's Peace Corps programs at the School of Planning! Enjoy food and drinks as we honor UC's Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows and Master's International students past and present. Bob Ambach, UC's Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and RPCV Ghana (1991-1993), will speak about his Peace Corps service and its impact on his studies at UC and his continued service to the university.

We hope you can make it!

University of Cincinnati Peace Corps Programs

Upcoming Peace Corps Recruiting Events - You Can Help!

Katie Sylvester, Peace Corps recruiter for our region, invites CARV members to participate in the recruiting events she has planned for the upcoming months.
Click on the button at the bottom of this page for details. Contact Katie at if you are able to attend.

1/13/2015 Main Library 6 pm
1/28/2015 NKU Spring Study Abroad Fair, 10-2
1/28/2015 NKU GIM, 4:30 pm
2/3/2015 Main Library 6 pm (Diversity Focused)
2/5/2015 Sinclair College Opening for the Dayton International Peace Museum, 11a-12p, Library
2/24/2015 UC 5 pm
2/25/2015 Miami U 6:30 pm
2/28/2015 Dayton International Peace Museum- throughout the day
3/3/2015 Main Library 6pm
3/19/2015 XU 5pm
3/21/2015 Peace Museum Taste of Peace Corps
4/7/2015 Main Library 6 pm (RPCV Careers focused)
5/13/2015 Main Library 6 pm
Highlights from Melissa

Highlights from Melissa's Peace Corps Paraguay Presentation

In case you missed it, or would like to see it again, check out some of the highlights of the presentation Melissa Salamon gave at the November CARV meeting. It's in the fourth gallery down on the right.
Peace_Meal.pdf [511 kb] January 13, 2015
Spring_Semester_2015_Recruitment_Eve.pdf [32 kb] January 09, 2015
Dayton_Peace_Museum_Peace_Corps_Expe.pdf [1.1 Mb] January 13, 2015
2014_financial_report.doc [26.5 kb] March 05, 2015
Peace_Meal_p_2.pdf [515.9 kb] January 13, 2015
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