Why Peace Corps Matters: Two Messages From NPCA

NPCA President, Glenn Blumhorst writes to everyone in the Peace Corps family about the the future of the Peace Corps under the soon-to-be Trump administration. See his message at http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/articles/a-letter-from-glenn-blumhorst-npca-president-ceo.

RPCVs and friends of Peace Corps are encouraged to express to President Elect Trump their feelings re. the importance of Peace Corps. Find suggestions for points to include in your message to Trump at http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/articles/tell-president-elect-trump-why-the-peace-corps-matters.
Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement

After the November CARV meeting, Alberta went into action and FOUND A JOB for the father of our Syrian family in his field of shoemaking! If you have shoes in need of repair, take them to Clarence Shoe Repair at 6089 Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge. CARV members also identified two fluent Arabic speakers who have met the family and are eager to translate, a program for international patients at Children's Hospital, a Bosnian refugee with a house to donate, a food not-for-profit that is eager to teach healthy cooking skills, and more.

On Thanksgiving, six CARV members and their family and friends joined with Mayada, Bassam and the children for the Syrian family's first Thanksgiving dinner in America.

CARV members have been active in the effort to help refuges settle in Cincinnati this year, partnering with Catholic Charities. We have helped stage household goods and moved families into their new homes. We have helped provide transportation to doctors' appointments, taught ESL classes and worked at the World Refugee Day celebration.

NPR broadcast a series of stories about a church group in New Jersey who is assisting a Syrian refugee family. Their experiences will resonate with all RPCVs and especially those who have worked with refugees. Here are links to transcripts:




If you would like to become more involved, contact Susan Robinson at sjrobinson@fuse.net
World Affairs Council and Firefly Designs

World Affairs Council and Firefly Designs

CARV hosted two outstanding speakers at the September Social and Potluck, each of whom focused on international affairs in a very special way. Rich Lauf, Chair of the board of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council introduced us to the many activities sponsored by his group, including the opportunity for us to host international visitors in our homes. Check out this link:


Ellen London (RPCV Belize and Lesotho, and the wife of a Peace Corps Medical Officer) showed us samples of jackets designed and produced by her Firefly Designs, using textiles from around the world. They were gorgeous and creative and Ellen encourages us to contact her to see what could be done with the fabrics we all brought home: www.fireflyafricaasia.com

CARV Needs Your Support!

The CARV Board voted at its June 13, 2016 meeting to convert to a calendar year dues structure. Dues are $15 per member for 2016 and will remain at $15 for 2017. If you have made a 2016 payment to CARV, that is fine. If you canít pay that is fine. No one will be dropped. If you can afford to make an additional donation, that is very fine!

Your dues permit CARV to continue to support local PCVs through the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP), fund special projects, hold events for area RPCVs, and meet our operating expenses.

A local Peace Corps Volunteer, David Vanness, has asked CARV for support of his PPCP water project in Morocco. (See

However, we donít have adequate funds to donate to this worthwhile
project and still meet minimum banking requirements and current expenses, including the July 17 CARV/SORVO picnic which CARV is hosting.

This message is sent to over 240 CARV members. In 2015, only 23 members supported CARV with dues or donations, less than 10% of our membership.
Will you please support CARV so that we can continue to remain an active and viable NPCA affiliate group.

Make checks payable to "CARVĒ and mail to Barry Adamson, CARV Treasurer,
744 Springfield Pike., Cincinnati, OH 45215. Please contact him if you have any questions: barry.adamson@gmail.com, or 513-720-4569.

2015_financial_report.pdf [54.8 kb] March 16, 2016
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